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The mandate of CCIMCAT emerges from the values and principles upon which we define our organization.

The concept of comprehensiveness helps us understand the complex and interdependent reality that exists at the intersection of the social, economic, political and environmental spheres. To this end, CCIMCAT views the rural woman and rural family, not as isolated entities, but as part of an immense web of relations, co-dependencies, needs and aspirations. Likewise, our programs are designed with this complexity in mind.

The concept of self-administration, defined as the ability of an organization to make decisions and manage its own projects in a way that guarantees economic and social sustainability, is another key element of our mandate. For this reason, CCIMCAT strives to augment the self-administration skills of individuals and organizations, in particular where they will be applied to productive projects.

Participation constitutes a fundamental element of sustainability for development proposals and projects. For CCIMCAT participation is not only the right to take part in a given process, but is closely associated with decision-making power and is further interpreted by the people involved.

The focus of gender, defined as a means of perceiving roles, potential, limitations, status and the interdependence of women and men, influences every action taken in our organization. The masculine and feminine genders are social constructs, within which women are irreversibly disadvantaged. Consequently, CCIMCAT places special emphasis on empowering women.

An equitable society is our ultimate goal which we attain through projects that favor greater opportunities for women

The concept of development, as an ever-evolving process of change, is inextricably linked to the past and requires the full participation of women and men. Our final aim is to forge social equity and economic, social, political and environmental prosperity in a sustainable manner for the majority of the population.

Mission and Vision Values