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The Leadership Training Program for Rural Women

CCIMCAT`s first accomplishment was to realize a leadership training program for Tarija's rural women. Our strategy was to strengthen unions and to promote women's active involvement within them. We started by analyzing the role that women played in various organizations and, subsequently, identified areas of interest that could be integrated into leadership training workshops. In the end, we found that most themes were interrelated and pertained to Bolivia's economy, the history of unions and women's history. Furthermore, as the programs progressed, violence, family planning, legal matters and the surplus of responsibilities imposed on women emerged as important issues.

To complement the leadership training, community activists were accompanied by CCIMCAT's staff in their first initiatives to instill self-confidence and to reinforce the community's infrastructure.

As a result of the Leadership Training Program for Rural Women, today rural women are present in every level of administration in the department of Tarija, including local councils and mayoralties